I Hereby Dedicate My Next Incarceration to the 2500 Immigrant Children Victimized by Trump’s Cruel Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy

So, I’ll be going to jail again soon…


Soon, I’ll be doing this again, but in my mind I’m going to dedicate the experience to all the immigrant children who have been cruelly kidnapped from their parents by the Trump Administration and held in border detention centers.

I’m not sure when or on what grounds exactly, but apparently I really botched up on June 14, 2018 by strolling peacefully and politely throughout two of the office buildings on the MetLife campus in Cary, NC.

It might have been the hat I wore. MetLife has a dress code policy that prohibits the wearing of hats, and I had forgotten to remove mine after entering the buildings.

Lesson learned:

Always obey the rules of the MetLife dress code.

Joking aside, I’m now facing some serious misdemeanor Breaking or Entering charges which carry a maximum penalty of 3 months incarceration, and I have reason to believe that the rich and powerful white folks who are actually running things are going to take this opportunity to “teach me a lesson”, so to speak. I don’t think any of them even understand the first thing about Autism, let alone give a crap that I’m actually autistic, but maybe they’ll take into consideration the fact that I am also white and “pull their punches” a bit. Not that I’m seriously hoping to benefit in that way, but I may not have a choice. The sad truth is that white privilege makes everything easier, even crime.

My trial isn’t until August 7, but the rich and powerful white folks actually running things have made it incredibly easy for me to get locked up again before then. At this point I’m pretty sure all I have to do is forget to wash the dishes and back to jail I go. I’m pretty good about washing my dishes, but there are so many other rules I have to follow now. Two days ago a District Judge ordered me to give MetLife a copy of all the videographic footage I shot while touring harmlessly through the buildings. I have until 2:30 today to comply or I’ll be held in Contempt of Court and probably arrested immediately. Although I definitely plan to comply with the order, what if something happens to stop me? What if I get stuck in traffic on my way to their lawyer’s office? What if my daughter has a seizure and I have to spend the day with her in the hospital while she gets checked out? At the moment I’m trying to encrypt the file, and the process is taking forever.

Although a good excuse might earn me eventual forgiveness, that forgiveness would only come after I’d already been arrested, booked, and incarcerated for many, many boring hours.

I’m in a precarious situation right now. One way or another I’m going back to jail soon,  and so I want to try to make the most of it all by dedicating the experience to a worthy cause. In fact, I think I’ll go ahead and dedicate it to every worthy cause — every cause that a rational and morally mature person should support — but I’ll also pick a particular cause as well,


Central Processing Station in McAllen, Texas. Center for Border Protection (CBP). Found here.

which is the 2500 kids who were recently kidnapped from their families and jailed in border detention centers as a result of the Trump Administration’s cruel Zero-Tolerance immigration policy.

Yes, of course, I realize that Trump has agreed to stop treating any more children in this Draconian fashion, and that 500 of the children have been thus far re-united with their families, but there are still some 2000 kids trapped in these detention centers and in any case, even those who have been reunited with their families were probably so traumatized by the experience that they are going to need lots of support to get over the trauma. All 2500 of them have been victimized by the Trump Administration, and I hereby dedicate my inevitable next incarceration to all of them, specifically; and of course their families too, who have all suffered unjustly; and most generally, I dedicate my inevitable next incarceration to all charitable causes that a rational and morally mature person should support.

Now, in order to make this dedication financially useful to the actual victims, I’m asking my readers here to consider making a contribution to one of the organizations dedicated to helping them. If you happen to have a favorite, then I encourage you to choose that one. And if you would like some suggestions, I invite you to consider those discussed in Here’s how to help immigrant children separated from parents at U.S. border.

I’m also open to any suggestions you’d like to share for good organizations to give to. Please leave their links in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!


Header Image Credit: By U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP Processing Unaccompanied Children) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Beware of Trump’s Fox in the EEOC Hen House: Former SS Officer Victoria A. Lipnic


Image Credit: EEOC webpage

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, in this context “SS” stands for Seyfarth Shaw, and NOT Hitler’s evil SS (Schutzstaffel) secret-police of Nazi infamy. And by “officer”, I mean “officer of the court”, because Ms. Lipnic is a lawyer. I want be clear on these points up front because I wouldn’t want anyone to accuse me of indulging in irresponsible sensationalism.

See, I only indulge in responsible sensationalism.

Having said that, however, this is more of an opinion piece, and I do have a fairly strong negative opinion about Donald Trump’s so-called “Equal” Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), what with my deep, frozen-bone conviction that an EEOC mediator and two EEOC investigators illegally collaborated (i.e. conspired) with my former employer and their Seyfarth Shaw legal counsel (the guy I’ve been calling “Batman”) to violate my Constitutionally protected Civil Rights, both as a private citizen and an autistically disabled person.

Yep, you read that right:

Batman and Lipnic are former Seyfarth Shaw colleagues.

Batman still does work for Seyfarth Shaw — a large and shamelessly pro-employer law firm — and Trump’s acting Chair of the EEOC (Lipnic) used to work for that same firm. In other words, back in 2017 when I filed my EEOC complaints against my former employer, it was like I was some dumbass chicken running to the head fox (Lipnic) to complain about another fox (Batman) who was trying to eat me!

Check out this disturbing pep rally that acting EEOC Chair Lipnic led in the Chicago Offices of Seyfarth Shaw on February 9, 2017. I’ll have more to say about this repugnant example of Trump’s cronyism in future posts.



Is This A Picture Of Trump Farting At The Flag?

Is this a picture of Trump farting at the flag?

Image found here.

I don’t know. It really looks to me like he’s blasting a large stinky cloud of fart molecules at Ol’ Glory in this picture. That doesn’t seem very respectful to the US Flag, in my opinion. Does the First Amendment protect the President’s right to “blow it out the ass” like this?

What do you think?