Hate Mail from That Disability Claims Investigator, Part 6: My (Seemingly Endless) Line by Line Response

[Note: the following is continued from Hate Mail from That Disability Claims Investigator, Part 5: My Line by Line Response (Yup, We’re Still Doing This).]

DCI: Autism does not worsen with time.

Me: I’m not sure what to say about that. In any case, I have not observed a worsening of my own symptoms, and neither have you, so I’m not sure why you’re mentioning it. On the other hand, what has increased dramatically since the birth of my children is the ratio of my responsibilities to my disability. However well I may have managed or not prior to having kids, now that I have them I find it much more difficult to function in general.

DCI: Depression comes and goes. At the most you are having depressive symptoms. This is not a permanently disabling medical condition. Depression is treated with medication and psychotherapy. Once the medication has been adjusted and your symptoms are controlled, you are no longer disabled.

Me: There you go again, pretending to be a psychiatrist. Silly.

DCI: Leave me out of your fraud scams…

Me: We’ve covered this ad nauseum. Your belief that I have committed or am committing some sort of fraud is a consequence of your own Disability Blindness.

[Note: the following was offered by email as a response to the implied question, “I’m not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish (by offering me all of these hostile comments)”.]

DCI: Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish you dick!.. you dragged me into this mess you created. I wanted nothing to do with EEOC complaints, lawsuits, pending court appearances and whatever other nonsense you’ve created. I wanted to simply help you with your appeal for temporary disability benefits because I thought for once I’d give a try and put a good foot forward because you’ve always creeped me. But NO. You turn around and fucked me over with your petty bullshit, your arrogance, your self entitled attitude about your so called autism.

Me: You’ve helped me more than you may know, and I’m grateful for that. I’m sorry you regret having helped me, but I’m quite sure that your regret is unnecessary and grounded entirely in your own temporary Disability Blindness. If ever you can correct this impairment of yours by learning to see, understand, and accept Autism Spectrum Disorder as a  legitimate disability, I’m sure doing so will transform that regret you feel into something like relief, possibly pride. You’ve done a good thing here, my friend. I know you did it accidentally and out of ignorance and recklessness, but you did it, and that’s ultimately what matters most.

DCI: In 20 years of disability claims there’s not a single person on my entire appeals team who has ever evaluated a claim for autism. That speaks volumes that your claims are misdirected and politically motivated.

Me: It may also be evidence of discrimination against autistic people by your employer.

DCI: You can’t fool me Dan. I’ve seen everything you post. Your just an angry activist type of person with a vendetta against your employer. You’re not disabled. There’s nothing you can say or do to change my mind so dont try….

Me: Thanks for reading my blog!

DCI: …You have the nerve to claim disability and flaunt your arrogance which is highly annoying and false. There are zero disability claims for autism here. None. Get over your anger and get on with being a responsible person. Further emails will be addressed in the same manner. There’s nothing you can say or do to change my opinion

Me: But I already have said things that changed your opinion. At first you had the opinion that attacking me on my blog and by text and email was a good idea. Now you regret your attacks and want me to keep them private. I call that real progress!

DCI: I dont even know what you stand for. Anger? Hate? Fraud? Terrorism?

Me: No, no, no, and no, again. If you’re truly curious about what I stand for, you should begin by learning to see, understand, and accept Autism as a legitimate disability.

DCI: You’re bizarre. 

Me: Your perception that I’m “bizarre” and your earlier statement that I “always creeped” you are symptomatic of my Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

DCI: You and your father have always thumbed your nose at me for what? Because I work and dont make excuses? Go fuck yourself

Me: You don’t think that blaming me for having “dragged” you into this MetLife mess qualifies as making excuses? You didn’t make any choices? Or am I responsible for those too? Also, I think much of the “work” you’ve done for the past 18 years has involved the for-profit exploitation of people with disabilities — disabilities that you and your professional colleagues simply cannot see because of your Disability Blindness.

DCI: You mention several times in your blog of people’s ignorance of your autism. You are hypocritical in your statements in that you’re ignorant of people’s boundaries. You have no respect for people’s boundaries…

Me: What you’re calling a lack of respect for peoples’ boundaries is actually a symptom of my Autism Spectrum Disorder.

[Continue with Hate Mail from That Disability Claims Investigator, Part 7: My Line by Line Response, Concluded (Finally!)

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