Hate Mail from That Disability Claims Investigator, Part 4: My Line by Line Response, Continued Again

[Note: the following is continued from Hate Mail from That Disability Claims Investigator, Part 3: My Line by Line Response, Continued.]

DCI: You see Dan, someone with your intellect can easily research a psychological condition, go to a doctor, tell them what they want to hear listen to your tall tales of misfortune and assign you a diagnosis.

Me: That hypothesis would be reasonable if not for all of the publicly observable evidence that defeats it. Unfortunately, you have far too much invested in remaining ignorant of that evidence and in rejecting the defeat of this wholly unsubstantiated theory of yours.

Again, much of your own livelihood depends on your ability to hallucinate fraud where none exists. The moment you lose that ability by learning to see, understand, and accept as legitimate all of the disabilities that are currently invisible to you because of your lack of proper training is the moment you’ll feel compelled to quit your job and find some new line of work that doesn’t exploit people with disabilities.

Your cruel actions towards such people are not caused by some inherent flaw in your nature, but by your ignorance. You can learn to treat such people with kindness instead of hostility.

DCI: Doctors generally support their patients. Do you want me to prove this to you? Easily done.

Me: No need for a proof; I already believe it. Doctors are supposed to support their patients, and in fact take an oath to do it. What would you have them do? Remain indifferent? Actively attempt to undermine their patients’ well-being?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doctors supporting their patients, unless one has a vested interest in undermining that support, which is true for you and your colleagues in the Insurance industry.  In fact, the only time I’ve ever seen a doctor not be supportive of me was when I needed his support on a disability insurance claim. I have to assume this is due to the doctors’ fear of being accused falsely of committing fraud by Insurance companies. Based on my direct experience with the Disability Claims team at MetLife and now you, I can see why they might feel this fear. Not because they’re guilty of anything, but because people in your line of work are relentless in your unsubstantiated accusations.

DCI: As I recall several years ago, you learned how to count cards and you were ejected from a casino for this. Or is this another fabrication on my part?

Me: Well, it’s not a total fabrication. You are correct that I once had an autistic obsession with casino Blackjack and spent many hours learning to count cards in order to gain a statistical edge in the game. And although I did lose several thousand dollars in a failed attempt to play the game professionally, I have never been ejected from a casino for doing so.

DCI: You’re a high level functioning individual and also a person with no respect for others.

Me: I agree that I can function quite well on tasks that are suitably relevant to my autistic obsessions, but I usually do quite badly on tasks that fail to meet that criteria. One of the most dramatic and easily confirmed examples of this can be seen in my relationship to mathematics. Prior to about halfway through my 19th year of age I had a very difficult time with anything relating to mathematics, and then about 6 months prior to my 19th birthday I developed an autistic obsession with mathematics at which point it became quite easy for me and within a year after that I was Aceing college-level calculus courses. This dramatic shift in performance is documented in my academic records which show my math-related grade averages jumping from C’s and D’s before college up to A’s and A+’s throughout college.

Regarding your claim that I have “no respect for others”, on the one hand I know I set high-standards for myself in terms of showing respect to other human beings, but on the other hand I know I occasionally fail to meet those standards. When that happens, and to the extent that I realize it, I feel guilty and I try to make amends. I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to say that I have “no respect for others”.

DCI: You crossed the line when you entered met life illegally. You disrespected people’s safety for your own selfishness.

MetLife-meat-grinderMe: It remains to be determined by our Criminal Justice System whether I am guilty of any crime, but as I have already explained, one of my main objectives for my visit to MetLife on June 14 was to help raise awareness of and draw attention to a significant public health concern that I refer to as The MetLife Meat Grinder. Once again, this is a collusive internal process that MetLife systematically uses to shirk its responsibilities as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act and to fire illegally but with impunity otherwise qualified employees who struggle with certain kinds of disabling conditions. It is cruel and psychologically damaging to its victims, and my family and I have personally witnessed its cold-hearted effectiveness.

Before I undertook my physically harmless visit to the MetLife Campus on June 14, I had spent over a year exhausting all of my other options. In addition to dedicating much of this blog to publicizing what had happened, I also filed two complaints with the EEOC, both of which were effectively dismissed without anything like a serious investigation. I had also tried several times to report the events in question to the FBI, leaving numerous tips by phone and electronic submission, but I never heard anything back from them. After the failure of the EEOC and the FBI to do anything about the problem, I spoke with numerous lawyers and even hired one of them who utterly failed to negotiate a settlement that didn’t simply give MetLife Carte Blanche to abuse others as they’d done to me and my family.

It was only after I had completely exhausted all of the usual channels for coping with the problem that I finally made the decision to explore the unusual ones — those involving Civil Disobedience. In the end, the reason I undertook my physically harmless visit to the MetLife Campus on June 14 was because it was the morally mature, civic-minded grown-up thing to do. Not doing it would leave MetLife free to go off and subject others to the psychological cruelty of The MetLife Meat Grinder.

[Continue with Hate Mail from That Disability Claims Investigator, Part 5: My Line by Line Response (Yup, We’re Still Doing This).]

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