Hate Mail from That Disability Claims Investigator, Part 1

I have received intensely negative feedback from the Disability Claims Investigator I was addressing in my recent 3 part series Am I Really Pretending to Be Disabled, Or Are You Just Pretending Not to See My Disability?…. He has provided this feedback in the form of comments on some of my posts as well as via private emails to me. Here I wish simply to present his harsh and fiercely critical comments as he offered them to me, and in part 2 of this post I will respond to them.

I should tell you that he has explicitly asked me to delete his various comments from my blog and to not disclose any of the remarks he’s made to me in our private communications and which I’m about to disclose against his express wishes. I am choosing to disregard his wishes because I believe his comments provide a revealing glimpse behind the scenes of the Disability Insurance Industry, have great value to the general public, and that therefore sharing them with you here is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It also has great relevance to the troubles I’ve had with MetLife, and in particular a significant public health hazard that I’ve described as The MetLife Meat Grinder.

Note: In addition to his professional work as a disability insurance claims investigator (for a company that is not MetLife), it also happens to be the case that I have known this man for more than 30 years, although we’ve never been close, and at various points in his commentary he gets certain facts wrong about my biography as well as my various misadventures with MetLife. I will address these factual errors as part of the remarks I will make in part 2.

Here is what the man has stated to me (with no corrections to grammar, punctuation, etc.):

In a comment on a post he wrote:

Hi Dan… You’re not disabled. You’re just obsessed and angry. Counseling after work hours with medication adjustments as needed would be appropriate. Why would you sneak into a workplace with a camera if it wasn’t for secondary gain? Sorry you got arrested….

In another comment he wrote:

You have no boundaries. At what point does your radical ideology end? When you’ve killed someone? As I’ve stated to you privately, seek immediate inpatient treatment for your anger issues. Stop dragging the autistic community down your hole of irrational thought.

And also:

Dan – This is the absolute last time I’m going to comment on your posts. You’re a complete fraud. It’s my opinion whether you like it or not. Not only are you a complete and utter fraud, you have a great deal of hate and disrespect for people. Its dangerous and I dont think you’re safe to be around. Therefore I will reiterate what I said. Keep at least 5 miles distance from my residence, my family and my place of work. You’ve done a fantastic job of researching autism spectrum disorder and I applaud your thorough knowledge of the disorder. You’ve unsuccessfully used your knowledge to make false claims against your former employer. You unsuccessfully applied for disability benefits. No I’m not a robot, ignorant or naive. Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks your claims of disability are bogus. Otherwise your claim would still be approved. You asked for my advice without giving full context of your situation with your employer. Had I known in advance I would have blocked your calls. You see Dan, someone with your intellect can easily research a psychological condition, go to a doctor, tell them what they want to hear listen to your tall tales of misfortune and assign you a diagnosis. Doctors generally support their patients. Do you want me to prove this to you? Easily done. As I recall several years ago, you learned how to count cards and you were ejected from a casino for this. Or is this another fabrication on my part? You’re a high level functioning individual and also a person with no respect for others. You crossed the line when you entered met life illegally. You disrespected people’s safety for your own selfishness. People like you are a true danger to society. I know you will delete this post. I just hope others learn from your dishonesty.

Then in a private email to me he wrote:

You were able to work for 12 years. As I recall this was with Chubb Institute. You’ve supposedly had undiagnosed autism your entire life. You claim your autism currently disables you. Autism does not worsen with time. Depression comes and goes. At the most you are having depressive symptoms. This is not a permanently disabling medical condition. Depression is treated with medication and psychotherapy. Once the medication has been adjusted and your symptoms are controlled, you are no longer disabled. Leave me out of your fraud scams…

In another email he wrote in response to a question I had posed previously:

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish you dick!.. you dragged me into this mess you created. I wanted nothing to do with EEOC complaints, lawsuits, pending court appearances and whatever other nonsense you’ve created. I wanted to simply help you with your appeal for temporary disability benefits because I thought for once I’d give a try and put a good foot forward because you’ve always creeped me. But NO. You turn around and fucked me over with your petty bullshit, your arrogance, your self entitled attitude about your so called autism. In 20 years of disability claims there’s not a single person on my entire appeals team who has ever evaluated a claim for autism. That speaks volumes that your claims are misdirected and politically motivated. You can’t fool me Dan. I’ve seen everything you post. Your just an angry activist type of person with a vendetta against your employer. You’re not disabled. There’s nothing you can say or do to change my mind so dont try….

In another email he wrote:

…You have the nerve to claim disability and flaunt your arrogance which is highly annoying and false. There are zero disability claims for autism here. None. Get over your anger and get on with being a responsible person. Further emails will be addressed in the same manner. There’s nothing you can say or do to change my opinion

And from another email:

I dont even know what you stand for. Anger? Hate? Fraud? Terrorism? You’re bizarre. You and your father have always thumbed your nose at me for what? Because I work and dont make excuses? Go fuck yourself

And from another email:

You mention several times in your blog of people’s ignorance of your autism. You are hypocritical in your statements in that you’re ignorant of people’s boundaries. You have no respect for people’s boundaries…I mentioned to your psychiatrist that I’m fearful of your ability to travel to NJ or PA. I mentioned your comments about Adam Lanza, how you identify with Adam Lanza. I said I dont feel safe that you’re not incarcerated or that you have yet to voluntarily admit yourself to a mental illness treatment facility…Your behaviors, your comments, your violations of people’s boundaries are a danger to the public…Please voluntarily admit yourself to a mental illness treatment facility so that we may not live in fear that you may harm yourself or others…If you do not do so I will call the Cary PD again and request that you be involuntarily committed. It’s your choice Dan.

Then in another email he wrote:

You’re in full denial. I understand [your sister] is taking steps to ensure you check yourself in for treatment. I’ll let her take over at this point. I would also suggest a polygraph analysis to get to the root cause of your lies / fraud.

Also, after I asked him what sort of evidence might change his opinion of me, he responded:

I’d need to review the rationale for your disability denial. 20 appeal analysts in disability claims, most of us with 20 years of claims experience, masters degrees and not one of us has ever seen a disability appeal for autism. There was ONE. But it wasn’t approved for autism it was approved for depression. And it probably got paid to avoid litigation costs 

Part of his anger at me was due to his perception that I had betrayed his trust, and when I asked whether deleting his comments from my blog would make us even, he wrote:

You dont owe me anything. I simply didn’t want to get involved with something like this. You called me for advice. I had no idea (because you didn’t tell me everything) that all of these other things were going on. It would have been important for me to have a full understanding of your legal situation before giving an opinion. As a disability claim manager I look at the entire picture, not just the medical picture but the potential to use disability for secondary gain.

[Continue with Part 2, in which I attempt to a line-by-line response to the above…]


  1. I am shocked to hear a disability claims investigator of any type say that autism is not disabling enough to prevent someone from working. What about classic Kanner autism? What about types of regressive autism? What about high-functioning autistics who suffer such sensory issues that they have frequent meltdowns from simple things like lights and sound? Not to mention those of us who have horrible social anxiety because of years of being bullied for our autistic traits. What about those autistics who have selective mutism, which I myself have suffered from at times? I could go on and on…

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    1. Thanks for explaining all of that Maranda. And I agree that this man’s behavior is shocking, for that reason, at least, but for others too. I have other things I could say here, but I want to save them for part 2. 🙂

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