1. I honestly can’t understand how you think laws are just there for everyone but you to follow.

    I took a good hard look at the evidence and still find no rational reasons, much less EXCELLENT reasons for breaking the law. This isn’t autism, this is sociopathic.

    I have autistic family members who know right from wrong better than you.

    The crux of the matter is that you feel slighted by two organizations because you think they didn’t properly afford you the accommodations you think you deserve, so have decided to wage a crusade against them.

    Let me ask, what exactly have you managed to accomplish with your behaviour? You’ve been fired twice, at least once because you were angry someone hijacked a meeting of yours (!?), have lost your family (according to your own blog) and have been arrested.

    For someone hijacking a meeting, this is what you’re left with.

    Let that sink in.

    You refuse to accept responsibility for your actions because ‘you’re autistic’. That’s the strangest non sequitur I’ve ever seen.

    And the fact you cannot see the truth in what I’ve said says alot about your mental state, not your autism.

    I wish you well, but the desire to get better has first have acknowledged that you have a serious problem with reality.

    As someone with a very bipolar sister, and seeing what’s she’s gone through the last decade, I feel for those around you.

    I’m finished here.

    Salve et Vale.

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    1. Thank you, again, Sulla Felix, especially for examining the evidence as well as you have. Of course I think you must have missed something important but either way I promise I will show everything you wrote to my psychiatrist to see if any of it may be helpful in my treatment plan. But till then let’s just agree to disagree. 🙂

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