1. I hate to say it, but I kinda agree with Sulla Felix. We have tried SO hard to teach my son that, autistic or not, if you break the rules, you’re GOING to get in trouble for it. We’ve always told his teachers (since he’s in mostly gen ed classes like everybody else) to punish him for misbehavior and rulebreaking JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE whenever possible. Because being autistic is NOT going to fly in the real world when it comes to rule/law breaking. If he goes to jail, nobody is going to give a good goddamn whether he is autistic or not.

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    1. Please, please don’t hate to say that sort of thing on my blog. Especially from someone like you this sort of feedback is critical for someone like me. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the warm fuzzy stuff and need that too, but for me reality checking is critical. Also, you say that you agree with Sulla Felix, but my impression is that you disagree with his antagonistic tone. I’m sure your son knows that you love him, whereas I do not get the impression that Sulla Felix is coming from a space of love. LOL 🙂

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      1. That’s why I haven’t commented on your recent posts…because honestly, I just CAN’T without getting pissed off. I mean WTF did you THINK was gonna
        happen from breaking into your former place of work?

        If you were my kid, we’d have had to have a SERIOUS come to Jesus about that kind of shit.

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      2. I plan to explain all of this much more carefully, of course, but in a nutshell: I had very good reasons to do what I did. For anyone with any kind of psychiatric disability such as Autism, MetLife is a dangerous place to work. They have an internal process they use to circumvent the ADA and to jettison without consequence any employee with a psychiatric disability, at their whim and discretion. It is a psychologically harrowing machine I think of as “The MetLife Meat Grinder”. What’s more, any other company that offers the MetLife short-term disability product to its employees is also a dangerous place to work and for the same reasons. I did what I did to help raise awareness of this cruel throwback to the Middle Ages so that it can be dismantled and replaced with something more humane. 🙂


      3. Of COURSE you do.

        Because this is all more bullshit to explain why the rules don’t apply to YOU because you’re autistic.

        Don’t worry about me posting comments that you don’t like. Because I won’t be. You just lost a follower and I don’t know what, if anything, that means to you but I cannot support this kind of “The rules don’t apply to me BECAUSE (insert shitty reason here).”.


      4. It means a great deal to me that I’ve lost you. I am sorry I upset you. Thank you for being honest. If you change your mind, I hope you will let me know. I wish you well. 🙂


      5. Civil disobedience is a legitimate form of protest, and when rules are plainly wrong or unfair, they need to be changed. If there is an insufficient number of the community who cares, civil disobedience might be the only option available. If some form of legal sanction occurs as a result, that too is part of the process of showing to the world what is wrong with the existing situation.

        What would the civil rights movement in the US be like if it wasn’t for people like Rosa Louise McCauley Parks and many others. She broke the rules. Would those who maintained the status quo have had any reason to remove legal discrimination of some of the protests weren’t in the form of civil disobedience.

        How about the underground railway prior to the US civil war. Supporting slaves escape to the north was a criminal offence. Do you think that those who operated it should not have done so? Do you think they thought themselves to be special and above the law, or might it have been that they saw it as the only option available to help right a wrong?

        I am autistic, but didn’t discover that until I was 60 years old. I can assure you that forcing a square peg into a round hole is counterproductive in the long run. The world is extremely difficult for the likes of us, and punishing us when we fail to fit into it only causes more stress and makes us less able to be a useful member of society. We know how the world can be made more “user friendly” for us without imposing to much burden on the likes of you, but until you are prepared to at least listen to our concerns, what options are left?

        Punishing me for not being able to cope with loud noises or bright lights or for my tendency to be easily confused by too much sensory input will help me fit in about as much as punishing a paraplegic for not using the steps, and refusing to provide them with a ramp.

        I don’t think for a moment that Autistickish thinks that he is different from everybody else and that rules don’t apply to him. What he (and I) want is to see a more reasonable and fair set of rules where we are not being discriminated against. And if you don’t think we are discriminated against, then you clearly have not walked in our shoes. Autistickish feels he has very little option but to follow the course he is doing. While I might not do the same thing under the same circumstances (although to be honest, I have no idea how I would handle it), I’d say his action are more brave than foolhardy.

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      6. I may not have walked in your shoes..or his. But I have a son who is on the spectrum and honestly, I wouldn’t put up with this kind of behavior from him. If you get fired, fair or unfair, you just gotta let that go. Period. The world is not fair, particularly for disabled individuals. I KNOW that. But breaking and entering to prove a point to somebody who clearly doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass and then getting thrown in jail does nothing except get you a police record. Period. If this were my son and I had to go bail his butt outta jail for a stupid action like this, I would’ve smacked him upside the head and said “WTF were you thinking?”

        What Autistickish did wasn’t civil disobedience..it was just plain stupid.

        And I am done with this conversation and this blog.

        Have a nice life, y’all.


  2. Ummmm… Didn’t you EXPECT to get in trouble? Arrested? Wasn’t that part of the plan? (however semi-coherant the plan was) Sheesh! When you had the laptop you were BEGGING to be arrested.
    I’m a little confused. Am I wrong in thinking that you fully expect these reprocussions from your actions? That everything after the mediation with MetLife was kind of a declared “war”? The stuff with Mr Phicks’ employer was collateral from the stress if the MetLife thing.
    Again…do I have this right or am I missing something? You expect to be arrested, have consequences, etc for the actions you are taking now.

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  3. So let me get this straight, you think I’m a troll for telling you like it is?


    Your justification that if the rule isn’t one you like, it’s acceptable, even encouraged to ignore it.

    Even someone with autism (as you claim ad nauseam) understands that rules are there for a reason. The fact your calm about being arrested isn’t a symptom of autism, it’s a sign of psychopathia.

    Your rage at everyone else for the things that have happened to you, through your own poor judgment because you truly believe your autism excuses you from any and all rules of behaviour is also a sign of deep mental illness.

    To me, while I make clear my distaste for your behaviour, I’m also trying to get you to see what everyone else sees but doesn’t bother explaining to you.

    However, like I have done countless times with my bipolar sister, it falls on deaf ears and convoluted internal rationalizations that everything you do is right and just and the world is out to get you.

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    1. Excellent! Thank you! Sorry about calling you a troll. That was just me getting defensive. You are totally welcome on my blog. And I hear you. I really do. Thank you for your honesty. 🙂



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