Walrus Revealed!

Today, and for the first time on this blog, I am going to reveal my secret identity. For the sake of consistency I might still use “The Walrus” as a nom-de-plume, but going forward it won’t be a secret anymore. But I do wish to explain why I am doing this, so let’s start with the following background:

A few weeks back I chose to publicly expose the identity of the man who both organized and took the lead in the gang rape I endured last year. A Partner at the notorious anti-labor law firm of Seyfarth Shaw, LLP, the man’s real name is Frederick “Fritz” T. Smith, though before I published his name I had been referring to him on this blog as ‘Batman’ (for reasons that seemed much more important then than they do now).

In the event that you have never been raped yourself, or perhaps just haven’t thought or talked or read enough about rape to really understand what it means to get raped, and also in the interest of full disclosure and transparency, I see it as my civic duty to inform you here that when I say that I was gang raped last year by Frederick “Fritz” T. Smith along with roughly a dozen of my former colleagues at the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), and at least 3 employees of Donald Trump’s so-called “Equal” Employment Opportunity Commission, themselves working under the protective “leadership” of Victoria A. Lipnic, current Acting Chair of the “E”EOC, who not only used to work at SeyFarth Shaw, LLP, like Frederick “Fritz” T. Smith still does today, but who in fact held a pep rally at the offices of Seyfarth Shaw on Feb. 9, 2017, where she reassured Mr. Smith and the rest of her former colleagues that going forward the “E”EOC was going to sidebar “Equality” in favor of “Employment Opportunity” (Ms. Lipnic has stated publicly that she views the “E”EOC as the (merely) “EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY” Commission, suggesting that although the whole equality thing won’t be forgotten, it will surely be thrown under the bus whenever necessary in order to make sure all the able bodied, neurologically normal white men in the USA have jobs so that they can feed their livestock (cats, dogs, horses, goats, wives, mistresses, girlfriends, and kids) — when I say all of that — I am in fact using gang rape as a metaphor for what I actually endured, which is that my rapists conspired to deprive me of my legal rights as a disabled person (I’m autistic), and as guaranteed by the American’s With Disabilities Act, which is supposed to be enforced by the EEOC, but which almost always is not because most complaints are simply dismissed and returned to the plaintiff with a so-called “Right to sue” letter, which would be more aptly called a “Right to go bankrupt in an expensive court battle, unless the perpetrators were dumb enough to leave sufficient evidence of their criminal behavior” letter.

However, I cannot stress enough that for my part — when viewed from my own subjective perspective — this admittedly real distinction between getting literally gang raped, say, in the traditional prison-shower sense of the word and getting gang raped in some figurative sense is simply not that important. Again, not that important to me — the guy that got raped. Believe me, I do understand that you almost certainly disagree with me on this point, for now at least. And it’s not like I think it makes no difference at all. Clearly it does, if for no other reason than that getting gang raped in a literal, prison-shower sense is also physically dangerous, and indeed I am grateful that my physical body did not need medical attention or to heal afterwards, but at the end of the day rape of any kind — literal, figurative, etc. — is first and foremost a psychological trauma. What these folks put me through (and my family as well, indirectly) was nothing short of a cruel mind-fuck of an experience.

But all of that is a far, far too complicated way to say that which is best put most simply in terms of gang rape — yeah, sure, “in a figurative” sense if it makes you feel better, but just know that it doesn’t do anything for me — you know, the guy who got raped.

Or “thinks he got raped”, whatever.

So, that’s the background. Now, let’s return to the real point of this post, which is basically to simplify my life by telling the Truth about who I am. As you may know, I recently launched a totally new spinnoff project called The Diversity Acceptance Project. One of the basic principles of that project is the idea that when we do what I’m calling (for now) Diversity Acceptance Consulting, we re-purpose or upcycle everything we believe to be somehow broken or wrong about ourselves into a credential for doing our work as Diversity Acceptance Consultants. For example, although I plan to specialize in autism awareness, understanding, and acceptance, I have quite a few other things wrong with me that I want to use for this work as well. Psoriasis is one example (others could be given), but in particular I’d like to make use of the above mentioned gang rape experience in order to raise awareness, understanding, and acceptance of rape survivors. This means that if I want to write about that experience on the blog at diversityacceptanceproject.org I have to figure out some way to do so without revealing my secret identity, and I find I’ve been wasting too much time recently in an effort to figure that out.

So this is me throwing caution to the wind:

My real name is Daniel L. Scholten, and this is what I look like on a good day:

dlscholten 05-06-17

Daniel L. Scholten, a.k.a. “The Walrus”





  1. #1. Nice to meet you daniel
    #2. If you are going to use the rape word you should put a trigger warning at the beginning of your blog post because those who do not automatically know you are not talking about an ACTUAL PHYSICAL rape can be triggered, as I just was and it can reall ruin a day.
    #3 You may want to, when using the words gang rape, put in parenthesis (metaphorical) or something to that affect so that someone reading your blog will not get to the end and say, “are you kidding me, this person wasn’t REALLY raped and I just went through all these emotions for a play on words!”
    Because rape advocates just like those who advocate for no more stigmas for mental illness don’t like words just thrown around and although you mean the words in a way that it FEELS as though this has happened to you BECAUSE of these horrid circumstances, it could simply be worded better so as not to upset others.
    Just some suggestions. You can toss them or implement them which ever you like.

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    1. Thank you, bethanyk. I feel deeply honored and grateful that you took the time to write all of that. I take your insights seriously and will consider them carefully. To reciprocate your own frankness, and for whatever it may be worth, I feel no small discomfort at the thought that I caused you anything but happiness with this post. You deserve to feel safe and happy in your life, and I am in with both feet on the project of helping you to achieve that outcome. I consider myself wholeheartedly at your service, and I hope you will take me up on the offer, at your convenience. 🙂



      1. You are precious! Thank you! I like frankness. I mean we don’t have to pussyfoot around. It’s nice to just say it like it is and not have to worry that we will get our feelings hurt by just being frank right?!
        Anyway i think it was cool you became non-anonymous. Is there anything I can do to help you on your project?


      2. Wow! Just the fact that you asked that question is profoundly validating and motivating.

        But since we’re on the subject: although I do think pretty much anybody could successfully do Diversity Acceptance Consulting, I don’t think everybody will be able to make as much money at it. Honestly I predict that the ones with the most earning potential are going to be those with the most impressive credentials, which is to say the ones with the most tragic life stories.

        In the extreme, a baby black girl born 18 weeks prematurely will probably have a greater earning potential than either you or me, and you will probably have a greater earning potential than me. But someone like me might be able to increase their earning potential by accepting to market the services of someone like you, or that baby black girl.

        In other words, someone like me could work for someone like you, and someone like you could work for someone like that baby girl.

        I’d like to test this theory, if you think you’re up for it. Basically, the only thing you’d have to do is make it very easy for folks to pay you. For example, if you don’t already have some sort of paypal button on your blog to receive payments it’s extremely easy to add one. You could simply copy my own and adapt it to your liking. Then I will do all the work. All you have to do is agree to let me tell folks that you are a Diversity Acceptance Consultant and send them to your paypal button. If I can succeed in selling your services, and if you are happy with my work as a Diversity Acceptance Consultant, then you can pay me for my services based on what you earned and whatever you think they are worth to you. So let’s say I manage to get you paid $100, you may think, “hmmm, that’s great work, Dan, here’s your cut of $5.00 or 0.50 or whatever you want.

        So what I’m asking you here is can I please work for you? I would like to try to sell your services as a DAC. You don’t have to pay me a dime until you are totally satisfied with my work.



      3. Ok I need to ponder this. I’m slightly drugged right now as I just got home from the ER. So let me read it tomorrow UN-drugged and I will give you my thoughts. When I asked the question I had no intention of making money but just helping YOU make money by helping others in whatever way we can. Let me read this tomorrow and I will get back to you k?

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      4. Absolutely. Take as much time as you wish. Also, if there is some other way you’d like to help, I’m wide open to suggestions. I really view the Diversity Acceptance Project as belonging to everybody, so however you’d like to contribute, please let me know. I have other ideas as well. In fact, that gives me an idea for a post….:)


      5. I’d like to know your other ideas! Do a post about it and let me see what I think and search my mind for how to help you in this project.
        What is the goal?
        Who are your targets to help?
        This will help me think better to know this

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      6. Ok. I reread this. The only problem is I would not be selling an actual service. I would just be accepting money and I couldn’t do that. I would need to provide something for money and currently I don’t have much to offer in services other than sharing my story and my photography with the world.
        I am up for other ideas though

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    1. LOL Yes, the walrus thing is more a feeling than a look with me. I have spent much of my life feeling misplaced, like a walrus in the middle of a highway, not much more than a bottle of water anywhere for miles and miles. 🙂

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  2. Hello Daniel! Good to meet you! I like your sense of humor! Are you a fan of the Beatles “I am the Walrus” song? It is one of my faves of theirs. They wrote the best stuff while high out of their minds.

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