America’s First Mentally-Ill President

I doubt I’m the first to observe this, but it just occurred to me that in the same way that Obama was our first black President, Donald Trump is our first mentally-ill President.

Now, I do realize this coin has two sides. Heads: he’s completely unhinged and armed with nuclear bombs. Tails: now even we crazies can aspire to political careers!

Yeah, yeah, I know. The guy makes my skin crawl, but the silver lining to that cloud is that the moment Trump entered the Oval Office, he completely abolished this bizarre and pathologically confused pseudo-distinction between so-called “appropriate” and “inappropriate” behavior of which neuro-typicals are so proud, and which keeps so many of us with psychiatric disabilities unemployed, lonely and off in the shadows where we won’t offend anybody.

Thank you, Mr. Trump. You disgust me, but you’ve made the world a lot safer for your crazy-brethren, provided you don’t kill everybody with your nuclear bombs.






    1. True, but wasn’t that carefully hidden from the world? I think Trump is the first to be so openly and proudly bonkers. No shame whatsoever. Truly impressive, I say. Totally not worth the risks, of course, but since we seem to be stuck with him (for now), we might as well appreciate what we can.

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      1. IDK..I think maybe they tried to hide it but it wasn’t as well hidden as they thought it was. And Trump may be mentally ill, maybe not. I’m not a doctor so I can’t say for sure. He sure acts like he’s lost his damn mind though. Like a narcissistic child.

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      2. Wow, I’m deeply grateful that you’ve taken the time to dig into this one. For me it was mostly a humor piece, but for me the “kernel of truth” is the part about his destruction of the myth of so-called “inappropriate” behavior. I’m not sure how familiar you are with that aspect of my blog, but this is a serious issue for me. A kind of blindness to the distinction between so-called “appropriate” and “inappropriate” behavior is pretty much a diagnostic criterion for autism, and one which I meet in spectacular abundance. It has always wrought havoc in my life, and threatens to continue to do so. Despite Trump’s many failings as a President, and I’m definitely not saying that the gain for everyone is worth his general recklessness as a statesman, I cannot deny that I see the Billy Bush hot-mic recording we have of Trump’s Seal of Approval on sexual assault is a resource I sincerely believe can be converted into jobs for autistic folks. I don’t know to what extent your own boy has a hard time telling the difference between “appropriate” and “inappropriate” behavior, but I do not see how any complete solution to the general problem can involve a rule like “the aspie must learn to recognize the difference or starve”. At some point folks are just going to have to relax and simplify their standards, which, I assure you (if you don’t already know it) are gratuitously rigid and complicated. Thanks to that recording, companies are going to have a much, much harder time firing an aspie for “inappropriate” behavior, in my opinion. πŸ™‚


      3. Fortunately, he seems to limit his own inappropriate behavior for the most part to home. He does do a FEW things that are inappropriate (like chew hair and sometime, if his inclusion teacher is wearing a fuzzy sweater, he likes to stroke her arm. Which she’s fine with and I’m like AUUUUUGH. You’re a six foot tall teeanger and that is SO inappropriate! STAAAAAAAAHP!) but mostly he just limits the behaviors I find inappropriate (hair chewing, toe nomming, etc) to the house thank the noodley maker.

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