An Open Letter to A Certain EEOC Deputy District Director, Part 7

Please, Fire Wonder Woman and Batgirl Too, before They Can Hurt Anymore Autistic People!

Dear EEOC Deputy District Director,

[Continued from Part 6] …With regard to the EEOC Enforcement Supervisor I am calling “Wonder Woman” and the EEOC Investigator I’m calling “Batgirl”[16], again we have a situation whereby either these two are merely incompetent EEOC investigators, or else they  deliberately and illegally allied themselves with Batman and the Justice League Gang in violation of Federal Civil Rights Statute Title 18 USC Section 241. Either way I urge you and/or the FBI to do a proper investigation.

In support of these allegations I ask you to compare Batman’s own so-called “position statement” of October 24, 2017 against the recommendations offered by the EEOC on their website entitled Effective Position Statements. For example, if you compare the following guidelines to Batman’s own “position statement” — a mostly fictitious comic-book version of the events in question that Batman prepared and submitted to Batgirl in place of an actual EEOC-standard position statement — you will see that he mostly ignored them:

  • Provide any applicable practices, policies or procedures applicable to the allegations in the charge.
  • Identify any individuals other than the Charging Party who have been similarly affected by these practices, policies or procedures; describe the circumstances in which the practices, policies, or procedures have been applied.
  • Explain why individuals who were in a similar situation to the Charging Party were not similarly affected.
  • Identify official(s) who made decisions or took action relating to the matter(s) raised in the charge.
  • Be specific about date(s), action(s) and location(s) applicable to this case.
  • Provide internal investigations of the alleged incidents or grievance hearing reports.

Now, it doesn’t surprise me that Batman ignored the guidelines. Had he followed them he would have written a reasonably accurate version of what actually happened, instead of the operatically mythological version [17] that he actually wrote, thus revealing his own culpability and that of his illegal posse.

But what I do find surprising, in fact shocking and dismaying, is that Wonder Woman and Batgirl actually shared this nonsense with me — they emailed me a PDF copy of it. That should never have happened. Sharing that maliciously libelous piece of fiction with me was intensely harassing. In fact, I consider their sending it to me as the most recent act of punishment that Batman and the Justice League Gang have inflicted upon my family and me. It has provoked another protracted autistic anxiety attack that is even now interfering with my new job.


Do these two hoodie-frocked hoodlums look suspicious? So do the EEOC Enforcement Supervisor and the EEOC Investigator that only pretended to investigate my second EEOC Charge against XYZ. Someone needs to investigate! Image Credit: Shutterstock.

And why did they share this nonsense with me? Why didn’t they push back on Batman’s total disregard for the EEOC’s own standards? Why did they simply give him a pass on his obviously sham “position statement”? Well, again, I believe either they did this because they are incompetent as investigators, or because Batman somehow recruited them to his gang. And frankly, I am most inclined to believe the latter. I believe that Wonder Woman and Batgirl are now official Justice League Gang members, along with Andromeda. [18] And I believe that if you and/or the FBI conduct an honest investigation into these events, you will obtain the proof needed in order to file proper criminal charges with the US Department of Justice against all guilty parties.

Continue with Part 8

[16] As explained in Part 2, in order to do what I can to help ensure that the guilty will be able to find impartial jury members for their trials, I have chosen to mask their identities behind the names of characters from the fictional superhero world of DC Comics.

[17] My public debunking of Batman’s viciously libelous ” position statement is a work in progress. The first article in that series is What I Did Not Do To Get Fired From My Last Job.

[18] The case against Andromeda was presented in Part 6.

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