An Open Letter to A Certain EEOC Deputy District Director, Part 6

Please, Fire Andromeda before She Can Hurt Anymore Autistic People!

Dear EEOC Deputy District Director,

[Continued from Part 5] …If the EEOC ADR Mediator I’m calling “Andromeda”[11] is not actually an active member of Batman’s Justice League Gang, then at the very least she is a dangerously incompetent mediator and should be fired immediately before she harms any more autistic people, or in fact anybody at all who might depend on such competence. But to be blunt, and on the contrary, I strongly suspect Ms. Andromeda is highly competent. Furthermore, I suspect that she willfully exploited her expertise in order to aid and abet Batman and the rest of his gang in their wish to hinder my exercise of my Constitutional rights. To begin with, during my first mediation conference with XYZ of April 24, 2017,  I believe that Ms. Andromeda deliberately conspired with Batman and my former boss Huntress to set me up to be fired by XYZ less than a month following that conference. To be clear: our mediation conference took place on April 24, 2017 and I was fired by XYZ on May 19, 2017, just 25 days later.


This represents the way EEOC Mediator Andromeda tricked me into signing the first and utterly worthless EEOC mediation agreement. Image Credit: Shutterstock

How does that happen? Well, to begin with, I believe that Andromeda conspired with Batman during the conference to dispatch first my EEOC charge against XYZ by helping him to draft a counterfeit and utterly worthless “EEOC mediation agreement”, and I believe that she then tricked me into signing that agreement. With that loose end out of the way, the Justice League Gang were then free to bait and provoke me on the job[12] until I became autistically symptomatic to the point where they could then fire me with impunity at the first convenient opportunity, which presented itself just 3 and half weeks later.

Immediately following my termination in May, I filed my second charge with the EEOC against XYZ. Three months later, during our second mediation conference of August 23, 2017 Ms. Andromeda’s behavior toward me revealed a strong and hostile bias against me and a strong and sympathetic bias in favor of XYZ’s representatives — Batman and a man I will call the “Green Lantern”. The Green Lantern works as General Manager of XYZ’s Some City campus, which is where I worked before Batman’s illegal posse fired me unlawfully on May 19th. Because of his job title, I believe Mr. Green Lantern is a high ranking and powerful member of Batman’s Justice League Gang.

More specifically, during that second mediation conference, Andromeda seemed utterly convinced that I was guilty of something. She clearly believed that I had been fired for good reason, that I had deserved to lose my job, and that my charge against XYZ was somehow frivolous or a waste of everyone’s time. She tried to pressure me into some sort of a confession, repeatedly asking questions like “wasn’t your behavior inappropriate?” and “weren’t your emails unprofessional?”. When I refused to answer these questions in the affirmative, she threatened to terminate the conference and to move my case to investigation. But then when I agreed with her on that point and began to pack up my belongings in order to depart (because I could see her bias and realized that she was not really there to help me negotiate with my former employer, but rather to coerce me again into signing another worthless EEOC mediation agreement), she then attempted to persuade me to remain, thus revealing that her threats to terminate the conference were a bluff.


This picture represents Andromeda’s hostile bias against me. Image Credit: Shutterstock

She then — wholly unbeknownst to me at the time — sneaked off to call my wife and tried to turn her against me as well. Shortly after this tactic also failed, I packed up my belongings and left the conference. To be clear: it was I who ended the mediation conference — not Andromeda, nor Batman, nor the Green Lantern.

At this point, aside from what I personally witnessed, the only publicly confirmable evidence I have of Ms. Andromeda’s unlawful and collusive behavior is a copy of the worthless mediation agreement from the first conference, and an email she sent me following the second conference (sent August 24, 11:37 am with subject line “RE: Lucy’s Football”) in which she wrote “…Yet, [XYZ] is still willing to leave the offer of $25,000.00 open to you until next week, August 30th to accept, decline or provide a more reasonable offer which is below the millions of dollars”. [Emphasis added.]

In that line, the phrase “a more reasonable offer” clearly reveals that Andromeda believed that I was being somehow unreasonable in these negotiations and by implication that Batman and the Green Lantern were all being reasonable.

First of all, I never seriously proposed a settlement of “millions of dollars”. The amount I specifically mentioned was $1.7 million, which is what I had estimated (and still do) as the Actuarial Present Value of the career opportunity that Batman and the Justice League Gang stole from me and my family[13]. But I never seriously proposed that as a settlement. What I had proposed was that XYZ reinstate me to my position — to give me my job back. Getting my job back was my goal for the mediation conference, but Andromeda absolutely insisted that reinstatement was impossible. According to Andromeda, XYZ would never give me my job back because they believed that I would just keep filing more EEOC charges against the company.

After insisting that reinstatement was impossible, Andromeda then insisted that I propose a cash settlement. When I refused the idea of cash and attempted to negotiate around the idea of reinstatement, she just kept telling me that reinstatement was “off the table” and “not an option”, and she kept hounding me for a cash proposal.


This picture represents the way Andromeda kept hounding me for a cash settlement instead of helping me get my job back like I wanted. Does this dog look neutral? Image Credit: Pixabay

It was only after Andromeda’s repeated and aggressive insistence on a cash proposal that I finally and with great reluctance told her about the estimate I had worked out prior to the conference for the APV of the career opportunity that had been stolen from me. But even if I had proposed it as she implies in the above excerpt from her email to me, it was not her job to have an opinion on the reasonableness of my proposal. As the EEOC states on its “Facts About Mediation” webpage[14], “…Parties have an equal say in the process and decide settlement terms, not the mediator.” [Emphasis added.] Andromeda’s claim in the email referenced above that my proposal was not a “reasonable” one clearly indicates that she had sided against me — that she had joined forces with Batman and the Green Lantern to thwart my efforts to mediate.

This clear and hostile bias against me flatly contradicts what the EEOC advertises as mediator neutrality.[15] In particular, the EEOC advertises on its website that,

“…Mediation is a fair and efficient process to help you resolve your employment disputes and reach an agreement. A neutral mediator assists you in reaching a voluntary, negotiated agreement….”

I believe that Andromeda’s work as a mediator in both conferences was neither fair nor efficient. In fact, both of the conferences were unmitigated disasters. The damage she caused by the first conference led to my second charge. And the damage she caused in the second conference led to an investigation (which also failed, see Part 7). Even if all we’re looking at here is mere incompetence, I believe that Andromeda should be fired immediately before she can hurt anyone else. But as I stated above, I do not believe Andromeda is truly incompetent. I believe that what appears to be her shoddy work as a mediator is actually just shoddy work as a vigilante. I believe that if you and/or the FBI conduct an honest investigation into these complaints you will find the proof needed to file formal charges against Batman, Andromeda, the Green Lantern and the rest of their gang of self-deputized “Appropriate-Behavior Police”. Again, I respectfully urge you to do that investigation.

Continue with Part 7

[11] As explained in Part 2, in order to do what I can to help ensure that the guilty will be able to find impartial jury members for their trials, I have chosen to mask their identities behind the names of characters from the fictional superhero world of DC Comics.

[12] These provocations will be treated in a separate post. Once it’s published, I’ll post a link to it here.

[13] An Actuarial Present Value (APV) of a future payment (e.g. paycheck) is its value in today-dollars, as discounted by both an interest rate and the probability that the payment will actually occur. As a simple example, suppose I promise to flip a fair coin one year from today and if it comes up heads I will pay you $1050.00. Also, suppose the interest rate for the next year is 5%, compounded annually. Then because $2000 will grow to $2100 by one year from today with that interest rate, and because when I flip a coin on that day you will have a 50% chance of winning $2100 which has an expected value of $1050 (the desired amount), we say that the APV of $1050 paid one year from today is $2000. This number represents the fair price you should demand from anyone who might wish to buy this opportunity from you. Another way to say it is that $1050 payable next year under the specified conditions is worth $2000 in today-dollars.

[14] Last accessed Jan. 22, 2018.

[15] Last accessed Jan. 22, 2018

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