An Open Letter to A Certain EEOC Deputy District Director, Part 5

Batman And His Justice League Gang Stole My Right To Due Process

Dear EEOC Deputy District Director,

[Continued from Part 4] … When I refer to Batman[10] and his co-conspirators as an illegal posse, I am not using metaphor or simile. These individuals were not acting “like” vigilantes; they were a gang of vigilantes. And although I must guess that this grotesquely vindictive behavior was ultimately grounded in an otherwise understandable and forgivable ignorance and confusion with respect to Autism Spectrum Disorder, I hope you can understand why I am less concerned with why these individuals felt entitled to do what they did, and much more concerned with its ultimately destructive emotional and financial impact on the lives of my wife; our 6-year-old twins; my recently deceased mother, who finally found eternal peace last December 2 following a decades long struggle against the Parkinson’s disease that eventually transformed her into a meat statue; and my sister and my father, who also endured a good deal of sympathetic worry regarding the struggles the rest of us were dealing with.

Mr. Deputy District Director, let me be clear on this point: this gang deliberately punished me and by extension my family, and this apparently for the pseudo-crime of my showing some symptoms of autism in the workplace. I do not care in the least if these individuals did this because they were too ignorant and confused about autism to be able to distinguish between symptoms of autism, and genuine “misconduct”, or “inappropriate” or “unprofessional” behavior. I do not care in the least if these individuals sincerely believed that they were just doing their jobs and trying their best to make good decisions on behalf of their employer.


This picture is a metaphor for how my life looked and felt after Batman and his Justice League Gang punished me for showing signs of autism in the workplace. Image Credit: Pixabay

From the perspective of my family and me, their behavior and its destructive consequences were indistinguishable from that of a gang of vigilantes who in cliché vigilante-style first jumped irrationally to the conclusion that I was somehow guilty of “inappropriate” behavior (the moral equivalent of witchcraft), who probably conducted some sham “investigation” in order to accumulate the cherry picked “evidence” that would support their collective delusions of my alleged guilt; who then probably pseudo-scrutinized that “evidence” during a secret sham trial; who probably pronounced me “guilty as charged”; and who then sentenced me and by extension my family to endure such penalties as a protracted load of toxic emotional distress (my wife became physically ill from it), the eventual loss of my job and subsequent unpredictably long period of financial free-fall we endured until I found another job 5 months later, and the associated lost salary and benefits totaling roughly $40,000.00 (including a life insurance policy because we couldn’t afford the premiums).

I implore you to recognize that this kind of vigilante justice is exactly why the U.S. Constitution guarantees our right to due process.

As I stated previously, I believe that Ms. Wonder Woman, Ms. Batgirl, and Ms. Andromeda have violated Title 18 USC Section 241, and this because they allowed themselves to be recruited by Batman to his illegal posse. Unfortunately, the only thing I have to support this allegation is what I have personally witnessed as well as so-called “smoking gun” evidence, which I will present momentarily in the form of formal complaints against the three of them. But I believe that if you make an honest investigation of these complaints, you will acquire the proof needed to file charges with the Justice Department against Batman and his posse, including Ms. Andromeda, Ms. Wonder Woman, and Ms. Batgirl.

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[10] As explained in Part 2, in order to do what I can to help ensure that the guilty will be able to find impartial jury members for their trials, I have chosen to mask their identities behind the names of characters from the fictional superhero world of DC Comics.

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