Ten Weak Ways To Somehow Manage To Get 3 or 4 People to Read Your Blog Anyway, Maybe Because They Feel Sorry For You

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First, I want to thank all of you who responded so warmly to my previous blog post, Ten Powerful Ways To Entice People Into Reading Your Blog. Despite the sarcastic punchline that looms at the end of this very sentence, please know that I am quite sincere in telling you that I feel genuinely grateful for all of your warm and encouraging “likes” and comments — yup, all five of them.

Please, please don’t let that sarcasm tarnish this expression of my gratitude. I am thoroughly sincere in thanking you, and I’m actually trying to reward you a bit with perhaps a chuckle or at least a smile at the folly of what I can only assume was my newbie-blogger gaffe. Can we please, please find all this a little funny? Because if it’s not at least a little funny, then all I’ll have left is to feel smoopid — a confusing mashup of both smart and stupid, with an emphasis on the latter.

Maybe I’m just being impatient, but it’s been almost a week, and I have to guess that it must mean something that so few people found the post feedback-worthy. But what does it mean? In my opinion it’s actually a pretty good post. Believe it or not, I’m even proud of it. Is that ridiculous? If so, I hope you will find that funny too, but the fact is that I think that post was clever, insightful, practical, funny and well-written. I have no doubt that it could be improved in various ways, but only with suitable, corrective feedback from readers. Frankly, I think the post is easily representative of the very best work I can do, and that I’ve taken it about as far as I can on my own down the road toward quality.

But the facts suggest otherwise — those darn pesky facts — and especially since I used every one of the ten “powerful” ways in writing the post itself. If the ten ways really were as “powerful” as I thought they were, it certainly didn’t show in the results.

What am I missing here? What went wrong?


  1. Ok your post genuinely made me chuckle! You write so bloody well 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. I feel you! I write a few blogs, but only one of any size, and it’s one of the newer ones! 😂. The oldest one is still pretty small in terms of its community 💚. I realized that having that smaller blog stay smaller was probably a good thing. I don’t have to be nearly as careful about what I say or write about. Topics and word choices are more open, so it’s my go-to when I want to blog but lack the spoons to appease my Inner Critic 😁. But yes, I feel you. Sometimes it feels like shouting important messages into a valley in the mountains and hearing only your own echo come back to you. Kinda lonely sometimes 🌺🌷. But I feel grateful to know you and your blog! It’s so much fun to read 😁👍🏼💗💗

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    1. Haha! So very glad to know you appreciate the humor of it! These kinds of situations always remind me of when I was out walking alone during a snowfall and I stepped on a frozen puddle that had been hidden by a thin layer of fluffy new snow. Both my feet slipped out from beneath me and I did I real Buster Keaton pratfall, landing hard and square on my arse. And after catching my breath and wiping my watery eyes, I looked around for witnesses, wishing desperately to redeem myself with some shared laughter. I was about 22 when that happened, and since then I guess it’s been a kind of symbol for these kinds of events, or maybe a benchmark to compare them to.

      And yes, definitely, like shouting toward mountains, but I also do FaceBook and I’m finding blogging a lot more rewarding. I think one key difference is that most of my FB friends generate little of their own original content — for them it’s mostly about sharing somebody else’s original content — but with bloggers its the opposite, and I think that’s really what appeals to me about all of this.

      It’s not just the shared interest in writing, but the shared investment in the overall project at hand. For example, I know you work your butt off on the silent wave and your other blogs, and I know this because that’s what I do on mine, and indeed what all bloggers are doing — and I think we all know this about each other.

      On FaceBook most of the content feels so disposable, but with blogging the content feels keepable, a vast public digital archive of the interests, opinions, creativity, insights, epiphanies, longings, hopes, fears — and ok, ok, but just for the rhyme — blood, sweat and tears of everyone and anyone who “has the spoons” (love that!) to create and curate her or his little corner of that archive.

      And did you say “a few blogs”? I know about your own well-written, helpful, hypnotically illustrated, and increasingly popular the silent wave and I’m looking forward to reading more of Who Loves Kitty. But it sounds like there are others. Any chance you can post the links here? No pressure, of course, but while we’re on the subject….


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      1. Sure! There’s Laina’s Collection, of course, and then there’s another … pseudonym 😉. Please feel free to contact me through my Contact Page on here, and we can schmooze about it 😉💗.

        Omg yes, I’ve done the arse-plant to! Omg it’s like I get pissed off but then can’t help laughing and then I’m like, “come on, I’m supposed to be pissed off” so then I get pissed off at myself for laughing lol. Vicious circle … 😉

        Of course, it doesn’t count if nobody’s looking 😉😂💖

        I’m so with you on the FB thing, too! FB posts don’t have much shelf-life and then you’re back to the Popularity Contest thing. FB algorithms don’t help 💞. My experience is much like yours, with both social media and blogging 👍🏼. I find that the blogging world is, by its nature, generally speaking, more interesting, intelligent, and longer attention-spanned. Because these are the folks who read and (often, usually) write. About 80% of the households here in the States don’t read (!), but holy hell are they on social media. Readers are going to be more knowledgeable and aware and thoughtful and open-minded, I think–again just because of the nature of reading and the general characteristics shared by those who do 👍🏼. And thus, my WP experience is generally much more fulfilling than my experience with social media 💜💜

        Ok I’m totally rambling but I hope that made sense lol 😉😂💗

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  2. I will quote you a line from ‘Field of Dreams’ have patience and they will come! but I understand your frustration when you see sites with several thousand followers, but give it time! thank you for approving my comments on another site.

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    1. Thank you for those kind and encouraging words. I think I’ve actually adjusted my expectations since then. Although my blog has been getting relatively modest attention, I’m really enjoying it, and I’m not sure how I would handle any significant increase. Nice to make your acquaintance, and I look forward to reading your own blog! 🙂



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