Ten Powerful Ways To Entice People Into Reading Your Blog

  1. Write a list post with a title like “Ten Powerful Ways To Entice People Into Reading Your Blog”. Golly, what is it about lists? Seems everybody loves a good list!
  2. Write a post that asks people for advice. For example, “How do YOU entice people into reading your blog?” No, seriously, that’s an actual question. I was originally going to call this post “Twelve Ways to Entice….”, but could only think of 10 ways, so if you have suggestions for additional ways, please post your comments below!
  3. Use the word entice as much as you can, both in your titles and in your posts. There’s something quite enticing about the word entice.
  4. Write a post that provides little-known information that is truly useful. For example, do you realize that the whole secret to writing a decent joke is to try a lot to write bad ones? If you try a lot to write bad jokes, you will occasionally screw up and write some good ones!
  5. Read someone else’s blog and be sure to like and comment on some of their posts. If you’re skeptical about how powerful this is, then just wait until somebody tries it on you and notice how it makes you curious about them and what they’ve written in their own blogs. That is a two-way street!
  6. Don’t expect too much from Facebook. After all, how often do you actually click on a link and then wait for your browser to load the article? Rather, focus on interacting with other bloggers (#5) and especially on writing good posts. And be sure to take full advantage of the great advice you can find in this post and in others like it!
  7. Write an instructional post. Here’s how:
    1. Pick a task you think others would like to know how to do (e.g. write an instructional blog post).
    2. Re-conceptualize the task in terms of the things one needs to accomplish the task, and the steps one needs in order to complete it (e.g. see the parenthetical examples given in items #3 and #4, respectively, to follow).
    3. List the required things (e.g. a computer and some sort of text-processing software with blog-post functionality).
    4. List the required steps in sufficient detail (e.g. these instructions you’re currently reading).
    5. Test your instructions by giving them to someone else to follow (e.g. might you be so kind as to give these instructions a test run by writing you’re own instructional blog post?).
    6. Request feedback and use it to improve your instructions (e.g. please let me know what you think of these instructions in the comments below!)
  8. Illustrate your blog with pictures, but don’t infringe on copyright law. I’m still learning about this myself, and my primary resource is the post found here.
  9. Keep your posts as brief as you can.
  10. Follow the advice in this short video:

I hope you found the above useful and at least a little amusing. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!


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