How to Export That Clever and Colorful Status Update You Wrote on FaceBook

How to export that clever and colorful status update you wrote on FaceBook


FaceBook recently added some great color and background functionality to the process for posting status updates. But it doesn’t create an exportable image (.png, .jpeg, etc.) so if you write one that you like especially and wish to share elsewhere (like on a blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) you’re kind of stuck. But you can still make your own quite easily as follows:

  1. Create the status update and post it to your timeline.
  2. Center the post on your screen and take a screen shot.
  3. Copy the screen shot into any photo editing software.
  4. Crop out anything you don’t want to see in the final image.
  5. Save with a suitable file type (.jpeg, .png, etc.).
  6. Now you can post it anywhere you want inside or outside FaceBook — a blog, on Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Hope that’s useful!

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