Up Next Week: #OopsNotMeAfterAll


Image found here.

With last week’s (yes, yes, well-meaning, of course, but let’s be honest, in the end –) impulsive and recklessly unscientific #NotMe “movement” becoming yesterday’s news, after having accomplished nothing more significant (probably) than taking the heat off of our Psycho-in-Chief for a few days so he could work on his golf game, I know we’re probably all wondering some version of “so, what’s it going to be next week?”

Here’s my proposal: how about we start a movement for all the male victims of sexual abuse who (as I did), arrogantly and shamefully assumed that #MeToo actually had something to do with them? How about #OopsNotMeAfterAll?

Or what about #WhewThatWasClose, a movement for all of the female perverts who are now quite relieved to know that (for now, at least) it’s just their male colleagues who will be held accountable for fuckling kids? [Note: fuckling = fondling and/or fucking].

Or how about we do both? Maybe one this week and the other next week?

Come on, everybody, who’s with me? Or should we check with the Russians to see what they want us to do?


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