Not Me After All: #MeToo, Aspiesplained

So, this #MeToo campaign is worse than I realized. Not only is it totally unscientific, it’s actually only superficially about sexual abuse, a fact which was totally obscure to me until about an hour ago — and probably not just because I’m autistic. No, I think a great many neurotypicals are totally confused about this too, especially all of the male sex-abuse victims who, like me, have been foolishly chiming in their own #MeToos in a pathetic attempt to participate in a movement that is really just a woman thing (or so I’ve been given to understand).

Therefore, I hereby retract what I wrote in my previous post on this topic, thus: not me after all — even though, yes, I was sexually abused as a child, on several occasions, and I’ll add here that at least two of my abusers were female; but I understand now that my own experiences as a victim of sexual abuse, as regards the #MeToo campaign, are “irrelevant” (was the word used by one of the FaceBook friends who schooled me on the subject earlier this evening), and again, because the campaign is only superficially about sexual abuse.

To clarify: what the #MeToo campaign is really about — as I have come to understand it now — is the ancient,  globally-wide and cross-culturally practiced subjugation of women by men, a phenomenon which goes way beyond sexual abuse, per se, and really touches every aspect of a woman’s day to day existence, even if she manages to make it through her life without being sexually abused in some way.

And for the record, I wholeheartedly agree that the general and more pervasive problem of female subjugation by males is a much more serious and consequential problem than that of sexual abuse, which I think is mostly just one of the many (but perhaps most serious) consequences of the more general issue. Also, I agree that my own experiences as a victim of sexual abuse are indeed quite irrelevant to that larger issue. That is not to say that they are totally irrelevant, of course, just largely irrelevant to that particular and ultimately much more consequential problem.

Be that as it may, I stand by my original observation that this #MeToo campaign is totally unscientific and therefore most likely to backfire and make things even worse. For example, it will probably just confuse a lot of people, as it did me, perhaps misleading them into thinking that it’s all just about sexual abuse, which is really not just a woman thing, any more than HIV is just a gay thing, or drug addiction a black thing. That sort of needless confusion will suck attention and other resources away from the real problem at hand, essentially wasting them.

But of course I hope I’m wrong about that.


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