Eric Clapton Arrested For Illegal Whaling On Guitar

Eric Clapton playing guitar.

Image found here.

(Roozers, Anchorage) World Famous Rock & Roll Guitarist Eric Clapton was arrested yesterday on charges of illegal whaling on his guitar. Mr. Clapton — inducted 3 times into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and who has won 18 Grammy Awards in the course of his career — was caught by the US Coast Guard late Friday on an illegal whaling vessel in the dark, icy waters 15 nautical miles from Anchorage Bay.

Authorities report that the musician was seen and heard on the deck of the vessel playing a solo version of his hit song Layla and that a crowd of about 75 humpbacks had gathered near the boat to frolick and breach and enjoy the music. Although no whales were captured or injured during the concert, and in fact they all seemed quite pleased with the event overall, authorities are concerned that such reckless antics, especially when perpetrated by an international celebrity like Mr. Clapton, send the wrong message to the calves and may lead to illicit underage whale sex and possibly hearing problems later in life.

Here is a video of Mr. Clapton doing what he should have been doing: wailing on his guitar.

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