36,361 People Died Violently In Motor Vehicle Accidents in 2015…

Las Vegas Shooter

Image found here.

…But first let’s figure out why this guy (pictured) killed less than 100 people in Las Vegas over the weekend, because let’s face it, we’re all just sheeple who obey the sensationalist whims of the media instead of thinking for ourselves.

OK, sorry about the sarcasm, but it just seems perfectly obvious to me that the main reason violent extremists commit the sort of horrific performance violence we saw in Las Vegas this weekend is because they know that so many of us just can’t resist the the impulse to gawk at it. It seems perfectly obvious to me that it’s mainly our collective addiction to spectacle — and not so much the Second Amendment — that caused the tragedy in Las Vegas and others like it. All of this seems perfectly obvious to me, and yet that seems to be the very last thing we’re all talking about. I find that intensely frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong here please. I admit that I do my own share of gawking and this is as much self-criticism as social criticism. And of course I do think that our Second Amendment is highly problematic and a completely legitimate topic of civil discourse. I think it’s absolutely insane that we all have the legal right to own murder weapons that make murdering someone almost as easy as picking your nose. But the fact is that we have only finite resources that must be prioritized and allocated rationally across all of our problems, which is hard enough already to do for human beings who have the grit and the psychological wherewithal to do it. Really I think the last thing any of us really needs right now is the answer to the question “But why did he do it?”

To my view, he did it mainly because he knew we would gawk.


Reference for headline: 36,361 People Died Violently In Motor Vehicle Accidents in 2015.


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